Apr 2017

Heartworm Awareness Month

April is Heartworm Awareness Month, so now is a good time to discuss one of the most deadly (and preventable) diseases in our pets.  Here’s the good news about heartworm disease: it’s an illness that can be easy and affordable to prevent. The bad news is that if you don’t prevent it the right way, your pet is at high risk of getting sick. Take...

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Feb 2017

Anesthesia-Free Dentals: Myths vs. Facts

Bad breath is more than just a nuisance – it may be a sign of a significant dental problem. Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats, affecting 78% of dogs and 68% of cats over the age of three. Dental disease can also contribute to more severe medical conditions. The challenge most pet owners face is that even if their pet’s breath...

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Halloween Pet Photo Contest 2016


Oct 2016

Halloween Pet Photo Contest 2016

It’s time for Lakeview Veterinary Hospital’s annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest! Winning pets will receive a free “spa” day! Upload your pet’s photo below, and come back daily to vote! Contest ends on October 30th at midnight! Check out last year’s winners here.


Jun 2016

Is your dog trying to tell you something?

The Fourth of July can be the scariest day of the year for many dogs. At least 1 out of 3 dogs suffer from “noise aversion” (a fear of loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or construction noise), but your dog may be suffering in silence. Many dogs with noise aversion will react to loud noises with one or more of the above signs. Sound familiar? Your...

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