Feline Litter Box Information

Feline Litter Box Information
28 Sep 2018


Cats are fastidiously clean. Providing a clean litter box and stress free environment encourages them to use the litter boxes in your home.

Recommendations for types, location and number of litter boxes:

  • One litter box per cat plus one
  • Use scoopable litter; most cats prefer a fine grained, unscented litter *Litter should be about 2 inches deep to allow them to bury waste
  • Large, uncovered boxes are generally preferred (should be large enough for cat to stand on all fours and turn around in); some cats prefer covered boxes because of the increased privacy they provide
  • Place in easily accessible location that is quiet and private
  • Use one with high rims or sides if cat tends to scatter litter while digging
  • Provide litter boxes on each level of the home
  • Do not change litter type or brand once you find one that your cat prefers.

Cleaning Recommendations:

  • SCOOP DAILY (​Cats will choose a clean place to go the bathroom. This may be the carpet, bedspread, or rug if litter is not cleaned regularly.)
  • Empty entire box and wash with mild soap once weekly

Troubleshooting a cat that stops using litter box:

  • Is litter box clean?
  • Did you change the type/brand of litter? Does it have a scent or deodorant added to it?

If a cat is urinating or defecating outside litter box, it is important to determine whether this issue is behavioral or medical. Please set up consultation with your veterinarian if this happens repeatedly.