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Does your pet need a place to stay when you are away? Let Lakeview Veterinary Hospital take the worry away!

We offer exceptionally clean, comfortable accommodations for your pets, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that because we’re a veterinary hospital, a doctor is just steps away if your pet has a medical emergency. 

Your pet will receive attentive, customized care from our professional staff, who will make it their job to see that your pet gets everything he or she needs while in our care. We’re also the perfect choice if you have a senior pet, one with special needs, health issues, or if they require a particular diet or medication. Our boarding staff are trained, veterinary caregivers.

We understand that boarding your pet can make traveling even more stressful, so we welcome your questions, special requests. We offer tours of our facility to put you at ease. Please feel free to give us a call at (504) 482-2173 about boarding rates, services, policies and to inquire about anything else you feel your pet needs to be as comfortable as possible while in our care.