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Dental Care

Dental Care

We’ve all had that moment when our pet gives us a lick, or pants in our face and…ewww…that smell!

Most dogs and cats over three years of age have some symptoms of dental disease  and it’s not just about bad breath. Left untreated, a lack of dental care can eventually result in gum inflammation, tooth loss, difficulty eating and serious pain. Over time, poor dental hygiene can also result in a shorter life for your pet.

At Lakeview Veterinary Hospital, we believe in good dental hygiene for pets. We’ve seen the damage and pain that can happen when a pet’s teeth are ignored for years and years. That’s why we recommend that your pet have a full dental exam as part of their regular wellness exams. We will let you know if there are any issues of concern and move forward with a more detailed exam, a dental cleaning and X-rays if necessary.

As per the  American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines, we only perform dental cleanings on anesthetized pets. To ensure your pet is healthy enough to tolerate anesthesia, we do require routine blood testing before the procedures.

Regular at-home brushing is one of the best ways to prevent serious dental issues and save you money in the long term. While it may take time to acclimate your pet to brushing, most eventually come to tolerate it and some even enjoy it. Our veterinarians and staff can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth. We can also provide other options such as chews, wipes, rinses and special foods if your pet is resistant to brushing or if it is not something you are able to do.

If you have questions about pet dental care, want brushing tips or to make an appointment for your pet, please give us a call at (504) 482-2173.