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Pain Management

Pain Management

At Lakeview Veterinary Hospital, we consider managing your pet’s pain one of the most important medical services we can provide. Even though pets feel pain much like we do, they can’t tell us how bad it hurts and they tend to instinctively hide symptoms of injury and illness.

There are many different types of pain, and symptoms can vary depending on your pet and the intensity of pain being experienced. Our caring, compassionate staff and doctors are skilled in recognizing signs of pain in animals and developing an individualized plan for managing pain in our patients.

Chronic pain is the result of an unidentified injury, illness or ongoing medical condition such as arthritis or tooth decay. Pet parents may see the symptoms of chronic pain as “getting old” or “slowing down”, but in fact there are many therapies and treatments we can offer to lessen pain and improve your pet’s quality of life.

Acute pain usually comes on suddenly, is sharper and caused by something specific. Normally it can be remedied as a result of resolving the cause of the pain; however, we do provide urgent and emergency pain management as needed to make pets comfortable when treating them. 

Finally, we also take great care to thoroughly manage pain that we can anticipate as a result of medical procedures such as surgery. We not only control pain during the procedure but throughout the treatment and recovery process.  Options for treating pain vary and we will customize them based on your pet’s health and needs. If your pet is showing symptoms of pain or you have questions about pain management, give us a call at (504) 482-2173.