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Preventative care and early detection are key when it comes to making sure your pet stays healthy. One of the most powerful tools we have for early detection is diagnostic imaging, also known as radiographs (X-rays).

At Lakeview Veterinary Hospital we perform digital X-rays in house to identify skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies, and dental disease. While X-rays are non-invasive, some do require that the patient remains completely still, so sedation may be necessary. If needed, the duration of sedation is usually short, and patients recover quickly. Multiple members of our care team will also be there to monitor your pet throughout the procedure. In addition to our team of staff veterinarians, all films are read by a board certified veterinary radiologist.

Another benefit of having digital imaging in house? There is no waiting for results, so your pet can get the necessary treatment sooner.  If you have questions about digital diagnostics or need to schedule your pet for an appointment, just give us a call us at (504) 482-2173.