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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy is considered the gold standard in human medicine and we are proud to offer those same standards and benefits for our patients here at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital.

Laparoscopic or “key hole” surgery uses 1-3 small incisions versus a traditional mid-line incision. These small incisions are for ports which create an entry way for the camera and surgical instrumentation.

Laparoscopic surgery is typically offered as a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional spay and research has shown that pets undergoing laparoscopic spays feel 65% less pain than with a traditional spay. Other benefits include a quicker surgery, with less anesthesia time and less bleeding. Due to the smaller incisions, recovery is half the time compared to a regular spay with faster incision healing and quicker return to normal activity. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – NO CONE OF SHAME! Because the incisions are so tiny, we don’t have to worry about them licking the incision so they don’t have to wear an e-collar for the typical 7-10 days.

Besides a laparoscopic spay, we can also perform:

– Laparoscopic biopsies of the liver, kidneys or intestines
– Stomach-tacking (gastropexy) to prevent bloat
– Mass and bladder stone removal
– Cryptorchid neuter to remove a retained testicle
– Abdominal exploratory to examine internal organs

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